What are benefits of Beard oil over beard balm?

To have a healthy beard, whether to apply beard balm or beard oil it’s always a question. It depends on what type of beard oil you have; well both have more or less same composition, and what type of product suits your skin. Beard oil offers the best in moisturizing for the face and hair. You can really benefit from Primitive Outpost Beard Oil it can be used on beards of all types and length with excellent results but works especially well on newer beards.

The ideal time to apply it is after cleaning your beard   when you want to start out with a clean beard so with a natural beard wash.   After you have evenly distributed it throughout your beard massage it into your beard starting at the hair follicles and working to words the ends then grab your wooden beard comb and give it a good combing. It works by: reduces beard itch; creates optimal conditions for a healthy beard and therefore better growth; adds a healthy shine; softens your beard; moisturizes your beard as well as your face underneath; reduces beard dandruff.

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